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When you are skeptical about places to visit in North East of India for a perfect vacation; without a second doubt it would be MEGHALAYA; also called as Adobe of the Clouds, The Land of Waterfalls. The peerless Waterfalls, Rapturous valleys, Ambroisal Hills, Subtropical Forests and Biodiversities, Panaromic Landscapes, Serpentine Rivers and what not. Meghalaya has everything you seek for. It is also home to an extrodninary diversity of peoples and tibres like Khasi, Jantia and Garo. Being one of the most Picturesque state out of all the North East States is the reason  where people across the World come to soothe in its beauty and tranquility. Meghalaya is foremost the safest place to travel in North East and also in India. 

Being known for its incredible awe inspiring beauties across the State, People travel more oftenly to revitalise oneself. Meghalaya has lot of places to cover. It is all seasonal place. Gives different perspective in different seasons. These Places also serve different kind of experiences. Some places will be adventurous, some are pleasent and soothing,  some are of leisure type.  Out of all these places, here is a pick list of all the combinations. 

10 Things to do in Meghalaya 

  1. Swimming in Krang Shuri Falls:

Krang Shuri Falls – India’s most majesitic and magical falls. It is located near Amlarem village of Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya. A small descent from base village take you to the waterfalls. Footpath to the waterfalls is well chisseled and graveled for an easy walk. And every stone is hewn from natural multi colored stones available in the area placed symmetrically to enhance the aesthetic appeal with no cement used.

There is a view point while walking down which gives areial view of Krang Shuri falls. You cannot stop being bewi ldered after seeing those pristine blue waterfalls. One should not miss a dip in this blue lagoon pool. Swimming in that water while bright sunlight falls into the shiny blue waters which creates a Rainbow, is a magic, a dream of lifetime come true.

  1. Cliff Jumping in Dawki:

Ever dreamt of floating in air!.. Yes, you heard it correct. Dawki is a village near Indo-Bangla border. Umngot river originates in the hills near Dawki, which drains at Dawki village. Native inhabitants also call it as Dawki River. The River is that transparent, Boating in the river makes you feel like you are floating in the air. The water is emerald green in color and is so crystal clear that you will be able to see pebbles at the bottom of the river.

Cliff jumping is a pure rush of adrenaline. There are certain rock patches to jump. You can choose any of them according to your convenience. The feeling when you set your foot just before the jump is one of so many mixed feelings – fear, worry, anxiety, excitement, adrenaline. You go through total confusion and fear, and then when you jump, everything will be in slow motion; the water shining silvery bright, boats floating in water, people around, everything is in slow motion. You’ll go through a feel like you are dreaming. The moment you hit the water, you will realize what you have just achieved. The most self-motiviating and elating thing you will ever do. 

  1. Trek to Living Root Bridges:

There is a saying “There must always be a ‘something’ which others cannot altogether fathom, which puzzles them, stirs them, and rivets their attention.” That ‘Something’ is Living Root Bridges in Nongriat Village. Living Root bridges are The ever Charming ever mesmerizing, a UNESCO Heritage Spot. Trek to the Nongriat Village starts from Tyrna Village. It is the base village. One has to descend 3000 plus steps to reach Nongriat village. Everyday Life of this villagers starts by ascending or descending these steps. 

Trek route is all about cement stairs which is simple and can be done at your own pace. Going through the thick forests and valleys to the Nongriat village is fun. It takes exactly 3765 steps to reach Double Decker Root Bridge. The first sight of it will astonish you. A 600 hundred years old Roots passes through one tree to another by making a pathway. One can enjoy a natural pedicure therapy in the pool just beside the Living Root Bridge.

  1. Savor a Hot Tea near Rainbow Falls:

Off all the countless watefalls in Meghalaya, Rainbow falls has its special place. Another  1.5 hours of trek from the Nongriat will take you to the Rainbow falls. Now the root is not all about steps. It is narrow, steep, no much cement stairs, has to cross few streams on the way through few suspension bridges and living root bridges which are great places for photographs. Trek is a little tiresome when compareed to the Nongriat trek for normal trekkers. But what awaits you after all these efforts is which cannot be explained.

The bright blue waters with a splendid torquoise waterfall surrounded by rainbows all around the waterfall is something which will be remembered forevver. There is a small stall near the waterfall. They prepare Hot Maggie and Tea . After all the strenuous hike to the waterfall, sitting there and resting your body with hot cup of Maggie and hot Tea  with a view of Rainbow Falls is a different thing out of the wolrd. This place shouble be in the bucketlist for every traveller. 

  1. Bamboo trek to the King of Stones:

Bamboo trail trek – A trek to the legendary King of Stones “Mawryngkhang” in Wahkhen Village of Meghalaya. Local believe that tha U MawrynKhang won so many battles with other stones and thus termed as King of Stones. In local Language “U” means “Mr”. U Mawryngkhang fell in love with a beautiful stone from another kingdom. U Mawpator, another huge stone also fell in love with her. They both did a huge combat which resulted in Mawyrngkhang as winner. From the top of U Mawryngkhang, one can see the “Head” of U Mawpator in the deep gorge U Mawryngkhang won his love interest Kthiang who even today stands behind him with solid rock force. 

Apart from the local beliefs, this Bamboo trail trek strats over a broomstick farm, which lets the route through the beautiful natural pools of river wahrew. One has to pass all these streams through bamboo bridges laid by the villagers. These bridges are built upon the side of the huge solid rock with deep valley down below. Thanks to the engineering skills of villagers. All these bridges are built by villagers with cane ropes and bamboos. The only support for these bridges is smooth edges of the rock. Hencec it is also called as The Trek of Faith. The entire path is of bamboo bridges and muddy path.

  1. Zip Lining in Mawkdok Valley:

Mawkdok Dympep Valley is the first valley one can right after shillong which extends upto Cherrapunji. The roads here are pretty good. Bike ride here will be a great experience. Temperatures here sometimes will touch 2 degree celcius due to the diversity of forest land and clouds all over the valley. Valley will always covered with mist, getting a clear view is only possible at noon. 

Zip Lining here in the valley is awesome. Its like playing hide and seek in the valley with clouds and mist. The landscape view while zip lining here is most beautiful thing one can see. Covered with picturesque deep gorges and greenery all over the valley gives you surreal experience while zip lining.

  1. Drenching in the Natural Pools of Nongriat:

Specality of Meghalaya valleys is, rivers create natural pools which looks exacty like very neatly organized swimming pools. While trekking to the Double Decker Living Root bridge and Rainbow Falls, there are few places like this  swimming pools covered with small boulders. One should definitely get into these natural swimming pools to enjoy the natural bliss of pristine waters. 

Over the course of time from Rainy season to Summers, these waters turns from Lush green to Blue Lagoon. Which will be treat to swim in those pools. Locals built routes to few of those pools for tourism. Sitting along those pools and having a hot maggie or a cup of tea is different feel 

  1. David Scott’s Trek

Known for it’s Beauty and Easy trail, David Scott’s trek is a 16kms long strech starting from Mawphlang to Ladmawphlang. This trail is named after David Scott, the then British administrator in Khasi Hills. This trek is a mixture of all. The Meghalaya beauties of landscapes, the valleys, crystal clear waters of Umiam river and hanging  bridges. 

This trek is descending gradually at start, then walking on flat trail and gradual ascend at the end. This trail is full of folk talks of Khasi Tribes. Everything in this trail is so pleasong. Hanging bridges is one of the highlight of the trek. It is a militray built bridge over 200 years ago upon umiam river. After crossing the bridge and gradual descend, One will come to the level of river. River has to be crossed by small boulders in the stream. Followed by lush green ridges and narrow paths towards the end of the trail. This trek should be in the bucket list of every traveller

  1. Mawphlang sacred grove 

Mawphlang Sacred Groves are situated in the East Khasi Hills. This Sacred Groves is surrounded by rolling green meadows, dense forests with clear bue skies. Sacred Groves are religious fragments protected by local communities of the Meghalaya. Mawphlang Sacred grove is under the protection of Khasi Tribe. A 15 minutes walk in to grove will tell you the significance of this place.  This groves are very dense and considered as super rich species for plants, birds, and mammals. 

The specality of this grove according to the locals is, no one can take the belongings of this forest like fruit, flowers, twigs. If anyone disobeys this, they will be cursed. And accoding to the locals, this forest has a border where tress will never grows out of that border. Not even a single weed will grow out of that border. A guide along with you can tell you all the spirituality of this place. Groves in Meghalaya are not owned by government rather owned by the communities itself.


  1. Trek to Nohkhalikai Tip

Just imagine sitting at the top of 1115ft height waterfall. Nohkalikai Falls, the tallest plunge waterfall of India with a height of 340 Meters(1115 Feet) is in East Khasi hills of Meghalaya. Known for its height and sad folk story Nohkkalikai is one of the most famous destinations of Meghalaya. Trek to the Nohkalikai top is one of the most adventurous trek because of its lava crates like boulders with sharp and deep cuts. 

The trek route starts from the Nohkalikai village. Trek is a bit steep from the starting itself. After few minutes of walk, the route touches the stream where the water flows to the tip of the falls. One should follow the stream to reach the tip of the falls. The route from the stream is very tough. No detour is available. One should go through those boulders. There are ladders placed at places by the locals to help the travellers. The 2 hours of to and fro trek will be remembered for ever. One for standing at the  tip of the fall and second for passing through all those tough boulders.  

Bonus place:
Wei sawdong

Known for its beauty in the Land of Waterfalls, Wei Sawdong is a paradise in Meghalaya, Situated in the Sohra region of Meghalaya. Wei Swadong also called as three tier waterfalls is bit tricky to reach. The small trek which takes 15 to 20 minutes to reach is full of down steep with bamboo or wodden bridges, steep corners and rocks. One has to be very carefull while descending the trail. 

 There is a detour while going down to the waterfalls. One will take you to the breathtaking aerial view of Wei Sawdong Waterfalls. This view will give you the complete three teirs of the water streams. The other route is to the foot of the waterfalls. One should pass through the bamboo or wodden bridges. The route is too slippery in monsoon season. The fat of the falls will give you the eye catching view of the falls. One can climb to the top the waterfalls with proper care. Getting in to the falls is not advisable because the water is too cool to handle and also because of the holes in the stream of the falls. The holes are too narrow and deep. Visiting this place like a paradise to every traveller.